Monday, May 31, 2010

the best DAMN reason

I almost bit my travel agent's head off. 

This month of May is all about a TO DO LIST for the Pharmacy that  tributes  its 1st year of existence.  A Happy Birthday to the store and to the team!   Since I have been swamped with a really long   list for the past few weeks, I took the risk (for the first time) to buy a ticket to Bacolod from  a mall-based kiosk named Philippine Explorer.  Agents were easy to deal with, and must mention  for a fact that rates were comparable with net-posted rates. 

On May 21, I finally accomplished my on-the-side To Do task.  I was booked for a May 29, 9 am, Manila-Bacolod flight.  Ticket fully paid.  And enough time to dwell on two things:

ONE .... the mushy moment with J. Bond right smack at the exit door of the  Bacolod airport.  I arrive at 10:15 am while he arrives from Cebu 50 minutes earlier.  With his frequent business trips, it has been my realization that there is not much difference between an overnight and a long-term physical separation .... well, except for the duration.  But the magnitude of the "MISSing" part is just way the same.   So here's the vision .... I see him. He sees me.  We run towards each other. Embrace. And smack (with twinkling glowing hearts floating around us).  A planned and manipulated vision that played in my mind over and over again.

LOL!  Truly a mushy-cheesy moment to its extreme level.  But hey. When you miss someone, there is no longer such thing as rationale thinking.  Crazy Love sets in

and TWO .... enough time to condition myself to remove the bangles that wang before I pass through security check.

All set with a beaming smile. I was at the airport earlier than the instructed check-in time, ready to shove my ticket and hop on the plane.

Then, the DAMN thing began. 

The check-in crew says, You have no booking confirmation number.  All that appears in our screen is 0.00. You have to call your agent to make the necessary bookingDAMN 1!

I then call my agent who I assume was awaken from her blissful sleep by my continuous calls, without probably having thought that she was then about to enter a horrible nightmare. My exact words, How in the world can you ever forget to book a flight? A tearful apology followed.  The agent commits to fix the mishap and says, Promise, I'll work on it as soon as the mall opens at 10 am. What?! I gasped for breath while  the May 21 lengthy and precise discussion with her on my preferred time flashed right before my eyes. I was particular about time, and much  more particular about the manipulated mushy moment.  DAMN 2!

The  situation I found myself in shook my world. Even with a series of mobile calls and text messages, we ended with a no choice situation since flight re-bookings are heavily dependent on what the agents call "the system". More so, phone calls are absolutely not  problem solvers.  It fulfills its purpose as being a means of communication, but that's just IT.  A face-to-face confrontation would tremendously put an end to a battle.

A screaming howl was the only thing I wanted to do at that moment, hoping it would reach the other side of the spectrum where J. Bond anxiously waited for updates.  We were both in sorrow.  Yet, the little voice in me says there is a reason.  I was left with only one option -- grab my bag, go back home, wait for the clock to hit 10 am  and zoom really fast to the mall to have my flight re-scheduled to a later time. Yet, it is a fact that anxiousness equates to hurdles.  An equation which I am adamant to tear apart. I was anxious. My system only spoke of tension.  And it was TRAFFIC!!!  NOT MOVING. BUMPER-TO-BUMPER.  DAMN 3!

Patience no longer existed at that point.  The darkest cloud loomed right above my head, and the cab driver's head (and tongue) as well.  We were both stuck with  a sabotaging mood for the same reason.  I reached home at exactly 10 am, dumped my bags, and drove straight to the mall.  I was ready to throw a fit, set free a raging stampede and demand for justice.  Seriously! The financial aspect was a teeny-weeny issue I can easily deal with.  But the broken emotional anticipation for a mushy moment with J. Bond is irreplaceable. THEN ... a teary-eyed agent faced my unspoken rage.  My heart sank. She apparently received a huge lashing from the big boss for  2 unbooked flights -- me and another poor soul. In a nutshell, I failed to materialize the raging plan.  DAMN 4!

The mood changed.  I faced the agent with a cool and smiling face.  It took her 10 minutes to re-schedule my flight, and gave all relevant details for DAMN SITUATIONS like this. This time, my little voice says Justice has been served. Move on. There is a reason.

As soon as I tucked my newly printed ticket in my bag, J. Bond called and gave the reason ...We missed our flight We arrive Bacolod at 4:30 pm. 

Ooh! I could have arrived at Bacolod at 10:15 am, but for an awful damn reason, my flight was not booked.  My flight was re-scheduled to 3 pm, and for a good damn reason, J. Bond missed his flight.  I arrived Bacolod at 4:15 pm, and for a  better damn reason, J. Bond arrived at 4:30 pm. 

And the best damn reason of all, I was spared from the long wait!

P.S.  The planned and manipulated mushy moment did not happen.  As soon as I exited the airport door, I soothed my nerves at Cocoon Spa.

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  1. I love this story... Happy Ending... but I can 100% understand and feel your frustration. It's not like, oops, I can't give you seats together... forgetting to book completely - not cool!

    Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful! :)



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