Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Made of Food and Color

Friends say that Bacolod is all about food.

They were right!

In my 3-day visit, days were filled with food, food ... and food.  Night and Day. A weekend of sumptuous indulgence which I tremendously enjoyed despite the unwanted pounds I brought back home to Manila. Veered away from usual malls, and instead explored for hole-in-the wall spots in every nook and cranny.  I quickly transformed into a bottomless pit with having tried the long list of dining recommendations thrown my way prior to the trip. 

Now, I affirm what was said.  Bacolod is all about GREAT food.  A superb delight to the palate, coupled with good service  and appealing dining rates (cheaper than Manila).

Yet, there is more.  An addition I share aside from what has been said .... A feast to the sense of sight this time.

Should you have the chance to visit Bacolod one day, I recommend that you walk along the streets (instead of ride). Go slow and savour the sights.  Then you'll see ... Bacolod is a PLAY OF COLOR.

The Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental

 colorful Maskaras (used as pendants)

Handpainted Earrings

the Color Wheels

Behind bead curtains

Metal statue.  What is life without blue ...

Caution in color


A wall mural near Chicken House

Another wall mural

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