Friday, June 4, 2010

Power Tools

"TOO MANY OBSTACLES!"  ...   says J. Bond's twin named "wisecrack".

Pappy's Trail

Huh?  What obstacle???  The cleaning aids and a few small beads were what he called obstacles for the reason that these blocked his way.  I was cleaning .... as in obsessively cleaning!  I stopped mid-air and tried with might to put some sense into this  wisecrack.

Where the fall happened (Fort Bonifacio). Here he goes again, a month after.

I get it.  To someone who prefers bumpy trails, a high jump over hurdles and spider-web obstacle courses,  cleaning aids and beads are  two power tools that will surely glue Mr. Wisecrack's feet flat on the ground. 

Yahoo!  How about that huh?!  Cool!

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