Friday, June 18, 2010

Thinking of YOU

I'm thinking of you right now!!!

Your day is a day and half a night away.  I will drop by.  I know it's  been "MONTHssssss".  I promise! Rather than you dropping by.  I hate goosebumps.  Lol!  Seriously, I know you have been good to me =)

Sorry, no beads for you like Mom.  Bead arrangements for men have been a challenge. I tried once, but that was the first and the end of it. I hope flowers will make do.  No promises though, but yes I will TRY HARD  to control the foreseen debate with  flower vendors once again. I expect! a hike on prices of flowers on your special day. Grr!

I miss ya.   I sometimes wish  that you are just a text or an email away.  Sad that you  have not even reached this day and age of texts and emails.  "INSTANT" and "SPEEDY" COMMUNICATION.  Unless a bill, personal letters sent via mail no longer exist.  Reason why I dislike checking out the contents of my mailbox.  A bunch of bills, bills, bills and a LIZARD.  Ugh!  But I know you are happy UP there.  Plus,  I'm grateful for your FAST reply to my endless nags.  Beats all forms of technology-sent messages.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  Sending you this short note in advance via my blog --- Blog???  Well, it's sort of a journal that exists in "cyberspace". Unlike privately locked diaries, entries are for the whole wide world's pleasure and consumption.  So, be careful on what to write.  Yet, a really cool tool to use for sharing and most especially discovering.  I'm pretty sure you already know what this is about.

 I HEART YOU, DAD .... in other words, I love you! 

Do you get the drift? Do not answer please.  I will just assume that it is a yes.  See you on Sunday and will definitely NAG you in a bit ....

                                                                                       ♥ TRIX

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