Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flash OFF

I fall in love with photo moments like  this.  A dramatic mood of fairy tale romance and enchantment stir my imagination aglow.  Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother (not prince charming!) danced in my thoughts  when I snapped  this photo. 

However, I was faced with disappointment a second after my one and only snap. The photo came out dark, grainy and blurred.  The flash  refused to work on such heartwarming moment. Sell the camera and get a better one was what I firmly thought.

Now that I have uploaded the photo, I think otherwise.  Fairy Godmother had deliberately turned the flash off from her wand to make me remember ........

...That once I was 18... and had a Grandfather who I looked up to as Prince Charming.

Happy 18, J!  Glad to hear that you love the mood of this photo with your Grandpa S.

                                                                                           ----Ate Trix

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