Sunday, June 6, 2010

the WOES of an Entrepreneur

One thing is for sure .... Entrepreneur Magazine drives me to HIT for the Moon and the Stars!

My learning from the Pharmacy's one year of  existence -- NOT ALL DAYS ARE GOOD. A thrilling game of HIT or MISS.  On days we HIT, we pat each one's back, give a high five and flash a thumbs up. But on days we MISS, the 911 emergency alarm surely blasts off.  Spirits are dampened and efforts gone to waste.  Nothing else to do but analyze and understand the reason behind the miss. Then, we start all over again and hope with ten fingers crossed that we HIT the Moon and the Stars the next time around.

On the other hand, this theory is not at all applicable to  my beads. I bead  when I am inspired and do retail when in the mood.  As J. Bond claims, I see beading as a form of art.

Summer 2010 was way too hot.  People preferred to stay within the confines of  their shady abode rather than take the risk of coming back home with burnt skin. Umbrellas nor air conditioned vehicles were too weak to give protection.  If they do go out, they travel to a nearby  beach and hydrate their heated  bodies with salty water all day long. 

Ergo, a winter cold weather amidst the angry summer heat was what the Pharmacy recently went through.  Now that summer is over, we are hoping (wishing, praying, meditating) for a much better "weather-performance".  Spirits are still a bit dampened.  But as they say, UP goes DOWN ... and DOWN goes UP. 

March 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine

On disheartening times like this, I am grateful for inspirational stories found in Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur's March 2010 issue  features the  story and re-invention of Collezione, now better known as Collezione C2.  A local fashion brand that originated 38 years ago.  My mom and dad 2 are loyal fans up to this very day. A big hit amongst College students in the 70s .....  Later on lost its mark due to the entry of new and hip brands ..... and  has  now risen from the grave with its superb innovation and introduction of a revolutionized integrated style of fashion, art and nationalism.  I was glued to the story and ended with more hope.

A stronger positive outlook is what needs to be instilled at this moment. The Pharmacy's one year of existence ain't enough time to know by heart the intricacies of the business. It will take time, I know.

"Learn from old-timers like Collezione" is what I keep telling myself.  What is one year compared to their 38 years, right?

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