Monday, June 21, 2010

Scary Thoughts

Saturday was all about the 2nd generiKID auditions.  Another happy occasion except for the nightmare ending .... 

We ended the auditions this way. A true-to-life scene, with the Pharmacy's store window used as a television screen. Everyone watched the unexpected raging rain with a lot of loud oohs, aahs, and yikes (by me) due to the lashing wind that blew away our event paraphernalia (tent, chairs, backdrop, banners) far far (really far) away.  For an hour, the Pharmacy served as a refugee camp to stranded customers, kid contestants, families, and sponsors.  Some have even earmarked a "floor" spot in case of an overnight camp out at the Pharmacy.  Here's a picture scene of this scary show I am talking about (lol)  ...

Yikes! Zero visibility.  Horizontal Rain.  Chairs gone. Backdrop blown away. But life moved on.  With everyone glued to the scary show, the staff began the preparations for next day's activity.

What I thought was a half-day, Sunday (Father's Day) activity, turned out to be a 5:30am to 5pm tedious process, technical-intense, and stomach-crunching inventory. The staff was stressed, I was stressed.  J. Bond, on the other hand, stressed us out (hahaha!).  Imagine this scene: A dark, damp, dusty basement.  Evil eyes in one corner following your every move. Your body shaking, drenched with sweat, clothes torn apart. Then, the psychotic killer  attacks with his well-polished flesh-piercing  knife.  That's just it!  J. Bond was good, but tremendously nerve-wracking. With an ounce of energy left, I joined the analysis in the end with eyes looking down, absolutely refusing to make eye contact with the "killer" who later on had his blood pressure checked.

Me next, please!  I am "over" pressured with activities like this. 

With that and after 2 long days at the Pharmacy, I almost ditched my plan to visit Dad yesterday.  But guilt got into me and thus, accomplished my promise with flying colors at 7pm.

The first time I ever went to a cemetery with the moon up. Therefore, it took me around fifteen minutes to find Dad. Night makes a place really look different ... especially a place where the "dead" lives.  So, I relied heavily on every tree  (dad's burial place is underneath a big tree), a big-fat-scented candle and a lot of one-way talking to my lost Dad.

Except for bone remnants and freshly buried bodies, the cemetery glowed last night. Lit candles, like fireflies, flickered in darkness.  Nearby was a family praying together, all in black.  When I finally found Dad, I quickly took three photos of this night visit and brushed aside the urge of snapping a panoramic photo of the flickering candles.  I controlled myself for this scary reason -- I was in a cemetery, at 7 pm, in total darkness.  The captured photos of wandering souls I regularly watch at Discovery channel entered my mind.

That then ended my weekend!

With another activity-filled weekend ahead of me, I detoxified my system from the scary thoughts and moments this morning.  What I did (aside from establishing eye contact with the "killer")??? 


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