Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mabuhay Pilipinas

While having a celebratory lunch today for a niece who capped last school year with flying colors,  another, but way  grander, celebration is held at the exact same time at the Quirino Grand Stand in Manila.

Every Filipino, including my firmly decided Father-in-law who opted not to let this occasion pass him by, have long anticipated for this day to come.  A day that marks clean beginnings, filled with hope and promise.  "P. Noy" and "VP. Nay" were not my choice of candidates.  But I'm now way over that.

(J.  Bond asks: You are???  Me:  I hope.)

This is no longer a popularity contest ... who's strong, who's weak, who has the best vision and platform, who tops surveys, so forth and so on.

Rather, this is now all about getting the Filipino people's act together.


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