Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey Ya! WAKE UP!!!

My back reached the peak of its stiffness yesterday. So took a quick break from beading and headed straight to a nearby mall. Relaxation sipped in while strolling along the deserted hallways with a cup of Sebastian's Sugar Free ice cream. Ooh guilty pleasures!

Then -- I saw them ....

A cool way for kids to spend the summer break.  Guitar lessons never entered my mind in my younger years.  It was mostly the girly stuff ... like Ballet ... Bayanihan (Philippine National Folk Dance Company) ..... Ballet .... and Bayanihan.  That's it!  Now, I wish I have enrolled myself in guitar lessons (or any kind of musical instrument).  My mom and J. Bond play the guitar well.  Except for the tune of DO-RE-MI, I  have no idea how to even read a musical note.

Stood in one corner for around 30 minutes reminiscing on my young summer breaks. I was pretty much in a daze ... borderline to dozing off. Then I woke up ... Lo and Behold! Kids' heads started to  nod forward and backward too.  On its way to sleepy land. 

Reason for this ....

.... Guitar teacher spent the whole time interacting with the white BORED board! Poor kids.  I admire them though for their patience and eagerness to learn the guitar. But (between us) this session would have been my last if I were his student :)  This may be my Mom's reason why she chose ballet and bayanihan for me ... requires a lot of movements and no way of dozing off.

We have our own likes especially for the Summer Break.  For now, here's hoping that these KIDS STAY AWAKE! 

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