Monday, May 3, 2010

The BEST JOB in the World

Even one day getaways are difficult to shake off from the bloodstream. In other words, APRIL 30's fun escape still looms and beckons.  Why can't every day be a FUN-VACATION day???  More so be paid just for having fun.

Speaking of having fun, I ALMOST -- really! --  applied for THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD when National Geographic posted their announcement early 2009.  Unfortunately, I somehow misplaced my guts that time.  So the credit went to him ....

Photo courtesy of

COOL!!!  Hopefully I find my guts the next time around(?).  The show starts on May 18 over Nat Geo TV.  Click on this link to know more. 

Like what I said, my thoughts have been stuck in this place for 3 days now ....

Nothing else to do but push myself back to reality.  H-A-R-D!!!  I know ... not all days can be a vacation day. 

But thoughts can still wander, right???


  1. That sounds amazing! I haven't seen it yet! Was it good? When can we expect to see it in the UK?

  2. Hi. Unfortunately, I was not able to follow thru until the end. I got bored after some time.


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