Thursday, March 29, 2012

By Beaded Story Showroom teaser

Recently, I listed and shared online a few wishes I have for this year. In case you have missed on this wish post, you may visit and read it here.   Like what I said, one of my wishes is to build my own little showroom that displays all my bead works (necklaces, scarves, bracelets, earrings), plus a few specialty stuff geared towards home. But more than that, I wish for a showroom that will keep my works safe and secured.

Last year was a blast with my bead works,  especially the Mother's Heart collection.  Yet, I could not ignore the fact that I've had my share of damages as well. On each time an unintended damage happened, a piece of me crushes since I put more than a 100% heart on each and every piece that I make. Aside from By Beaded Story's presence in Sonya's Garden and a few bazaars within the south, destinations like restaurants, public lounges, coffee shops and the like have been my place of meet ups.  It is in these places where I showcase my works, and where most damages (especially glass arrangements (TALA collection)) happen.  With that, I began to dream and slowly planned my showroom.

The interior is still a work in progress, but repainting is finally done. 

And as mentioned, specialty stuff geared towards home may be found in my showroom as well.  Such as this handpainted plate.

Once completed, I will surely share all details with you.  In the meantime, I patiently wait with an overload of excitement.

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