Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amusement at NAIA's waiting area

Bashing concerns and harsh points were recently raised with regards to the current state of Manila's International Airport, specifically NAIA Terminal 1.  Disappointing and stomach turning, but I agree and believe that all are TRUE.  No need to dwell further, a lot has been said.  You can read the details HERE.  There is even no sense stepping inside just to see its state. Stand and observe by the fetcher's waiting area and you'll know what I mean.

I declare J. Bond and myself as the family's official airport pick-up service. We get to immerse ourselves at the waiting area twice a year at the very least. Last month, we picked up Mom, while yesterday, it was an aunt's turn. Then in April, J. Bond's parents are arriving. So that makes it already three for this year, and its state remains exactly the same. 

But I must say, yesterday's pick-up was different.  Apparently, waiting for your guest amidst dust and a sea of fetchers can be amusing too.

Starting off with this boy in red.

The roses were for his Mom.  I asked. Aww!

Then, these kids were tremendously amused.

I wondered, amused with what? They did too much of this face pinching.

And when I looked up.....

Sorry blurred.  I laughed hard. 

After kidding around, he gobbled.  Again.  Chicharon this time.

Like what I said in this previous post, he gobbles anywhere, everywhere, even with a foot in the picture.

Now, that's what you call CA-CHICHARON!

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