Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Weekend

I write and share this post to make me remember:

1.  that there is life beyond the mountains
2.  that there is nothing horrible about the sea, except for the 12nn-3pm scorching heat
3.  and that I shall return!

Never did I imagine declaring this, but I will.  My beach weekend was a BLAST! For the first time, I saw the sea in a different light

Pets are by all means welcome at the resort.  A thumbs up. Here is Bugsy by the dining pavilion with my bag adorned with vintage photos of my grandmother and a few of her precious treasures.

And, here he is within the comfortable confines of our airconditioned room. 

This quaint and private garden resort I discovered over the net had me curious for a week. So, I called and found myself booked.  As soon as I stepped foot and after doing a couple of chikas on its story with the locals, there's no doubt I would return.  Hello Acuaverde.

A bit of juicy trivia as shared by a staff (who for one moment made me wish that the pharmacy was still around so that I could pirate offer employment), it is in this very courtyard where this celebrity couple had their wedding reception.  The resort was formerly known as Balai.

Tamarind trees and its fallen fruit scattered all around the resort.

Amazing breathtaking seascape.
7 am


12 noon

9 pm

Pleasant surprises.
A wedding in progress.    

A heart-shaped rock.   J. Bond sees the shape of a bitten cookie. I still see heart.

Party by the shore.

See those small white dots floating on the sky?  Those are lanterns.


Finally celebrating SIX.

J. Bond rode and paddled alone.  I feared the thought of turning over.
Think chicken!

While waiting, I adored a few beads.

Food overload. 

But nothing could stop J. Bond from  stuffing himself with honey coated coconut and cups of homegrown Batangas brewed coffee.

The honey coated coconut vendors swarmed around J. Bond all day.

See him gobble.

I swear neverending gobble.

Watching J. Bond eat.

Today, we are back to regular programming.  While at work, J. Bond sent a text message saying that we should return.  I agree.  My thoughts are still afloat and glued to our beach weekend.

Same goes for Bugsy, who ran freely on sand, with no leash, then went home dead tired.

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