Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Miraculous Medal

December 23, 2008, the day I first heard and encountered the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.
I remember all that had happened on that day. But first, rewind to a few weeks before December 23.  While having a casual coffee chat with my former boss, her husband and son in Starbucks, she broke the news.  She had just survived breast cancer, went through a series of chemotherapy sessions,  experienced an extremely tumultuous emotional ride, her eating habits have changed, felt the overwhelming love and support of family and friends, and that she would be turning 50 soon.  And with that, I said yes. 
I help organize and implement special events once in awhile.  But one thing for sure, I gear towards special events of those who I know so well or those with stories that simply strike my heart.  Definitely, my boss's event had fit perfectly well to my long withstanding guide.  Besides, who I am today, how I practice discipline, observance of the right business processes and practices, I owe all these to her.  She was my first boss, I was fresh from college. She was strict, I feared her.  Yet, I learned. Twelve years after, our relationship took a turn.  I celebrated December 23, 2008 surrounded by deep gratitude with her, her family and closest friends.
Gratitude. For healing. For the gift of life.  For fun and laughter. For friends. For family. For love. 
And for Devotion to the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.   It was through her devotion she managed to garner strength and sanity. That time, I took a mental note of the medal's role in her life.  But I never knew that December 23, 2008 have in fact significantly marked only the beginning. In the following years, a lot more devotees have surfaced and have continuously requested for an arrangement that gives  tribute to the Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.   I have done all others such as Our Lady of Mediatrix, Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Perpetual, Our Lady of Guadalupe,  Our Lady of the Rosary and so many more, except for the Miraculous Medal. 

Until this week came along.
To Mother G and to all the Miraculous Medal devotees who have inquired, this one's for you.  It took long, I know.  But it came on such perfect time. 
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*To see the detailed collection, click HERE.

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