Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bead Journey

For one moment, I thought I would find myself locked up with the same old bead designs.  Though I had deliberately planned it this way due to the ongoing pain I feel on my right hand and arm, creative ideas just come out of the blue.  Like this year's Scarf necklace.

The wood beads with gold studs used in this year's Scarf necklace were sourced from New Jersey in 2009.  I had no intention to go bead buying while on that trip.  I was there for the purpose of family and relaxation.  Yet, fate beckoned.  So I returned home with one luggage filled with beads.

The gold dangling ornaments, on the other hand, were of different use previous to the scarf arrangement.  These were dangling earrings which I discovered and bought from a local souk in 2010.  But since then, all sets have  been tucked  in a luggage and momentarily forgotten.  Until the creative thought of tearing them apart  came about last week. I owe this to one rough day.

So bead and earrings have finally found its use years after.

But this year, I aim going beyond with what I have long been accustomed with--bead necklaces.  I  wish for: beaded bags, beaded purses, beaded home decor, and so forth. Obviously still with beads playing the primary role. WHY? I have worked on bead necklaces for a long time now, and I know for a fact that I will go on with this bead journey for as long as my hands and arms can. But it's about time to add  more spice and get hold of new excitement.  

So here you go, my first non-bead necklace offering.  Purple Purse.

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