Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Scarf Necklace

I posted this photo in this blog 3 days ago, the day when a situation turned out rough. 
Well, the "roughness" ain't over yet given the heavy downpour of insane emotions that continue to flood my text mail. Something connected with my not so long ago life, and an issue that pertains to employer-employee relationship.  Well, here's what I have to say--Get hold of yourself.  BE PROFESSIONAL instead of emotional. Move onLearn

Thank God, my beads have kept me sane throughout the rough days. Here are the first three  Scarf Necklaces this year.




This year's scarf necklaces are composed of gold-plated ornaments and wood beads that travelled a total distance of 13,683 kilometers or 8,502 miles or 7,388 nautical miles in 2009.  For queries or orders, you may send your email to

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