Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Flower Garden

I went straight here right after checking-in at Acuaverde last Saturday.
It was lunch, the heat was on, and I didn't mind.  Tita Cyn who knows me so well with regards to heat matters should read this.  She'll be shocked.  In most cases, I stay away from heat, especially summer heat.  I breath, live and stay sane within the confines of an airconditioned room.  Explains my adoration for the mountains. Here's another photo taken on the exact same spot but pointing to a different angle.
Besides the breathtaking seascape, I was rather more focused on the color of the bougainvillea against a scenic backdrop.  It had brought my thoughts back home where I had left my work in progress Flora collection.  But now, I'm done with a few pieces. 

Here they are.
White Heart

Blue Heart

In 3s black

In 3s Brown
More to come.

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