Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Found this while  cleaning cabinets and drawers over the weekend.  Hilarious!

I was 9 years old. 

I am amazed on how descriptive, precise and detailed I was (and kikay too!) even back then. Probably, the end result of simply being overly crazy with Sanrio's Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty. Nothing has changed.  To this day, I feel the same.  Lol!
Taipei 2009.  If only I could bring Hello Kitty Home!
Still in Taipei.  Imagining Hello Kitty's reflection on the window panel as the moon. 

When I thought that Sanrio characters were a big hit specific to my generation, well...I thought wrong.  Hello Kitty still breathes, plays and celebrates happy and joyful birthdays!
Last Saturday (9/3/11).  Happy 1st Birthday, RAIN!

More power and a long long long life to you, Hello Kitty!

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