Thursday, October 6, 2011

LONG Typhoon ramblings

There's a lot of catching up to do.  Typhoon Pedring ceased life momentarily, including my internet connection.  Now, I'm  back in the groove.

Pedring worried the hell out of me.  First, for J. Bond's safety while at work. He knew NO worries and strongly stood firm by his "pseudo-name".  I, on the other hand,  gulped and gasped worry. The sound of howling wind and gushing water knocked me off.  I was born this way, a major worry wart!  But who's not to worry with images like this flashed on your TV screen the whole day.

Roxas Boulevard during Typhoon Pedring
Photo credit HERE

I thought of my Pharmacy staff and their families too.  We worked and operated with no power that day. On days with good weather, we depend and enjoy the light and warmth coming from the  sun's rays.  Lights are only turned on upon sundown. But Pedring brought about heavy darkness, and expectedly took a toll on all our battery-operated lamps.  So, store operations  was called off  early despite the swarm of patrons in need of medicines throughout that nasty day. The staff rushed home and stayed safe within the confines and comfort of their loved ones. Power returned next day, but still with frequent interruptions.

How it is in the Pharmacy when it rains.

With that, I was reminded of my medical booboo last year, the day when Typhoon Basyang left multiple uprooted trees on top of my car and street.  Early that day, I thought of myself as strong and energetic.  A-ha!  I voluntarily helped  pull branches and leaves away.  Then in a blink, it took great effort to pick and lift a single leaf.  Next, I was ICU bound. Since my booboo happened, I have habitually associated typhoons with booboos, obviously putting more  un-needed stress on such fearful situations. Again, I'm a worry wart!

In a regular hospital room, after 2 days in the ICU. 
Back to my old self, on the phone.

Even with the Pharmacy's early closure while Typhoon Pedring rambled, we knew of  the need to provide immediate medical assistance to our nearby communities.  Days after Typhoon Pedring and exactly on the day Typhoon Quiel landed,  we pushed through and survived our rainy medical mission at Georgetown Heights Subdivision.  The next round by the way is scheduled on October 10, 2011/8am-12nn at Generika Bahayang Pag-asa, Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite. Call (046)4772692 to register.

The list grows.  Close friends know how terribly fearful I am of dogs.  But here's the thing--imagine me  nursing a 5-month old sick puppy, facilitating his cough and antibiotic medications every 12 hours, and giving him  his dose of energy booster every 5 hours.  I for one have never ever imagined myself doing all these. But oh-yes, nursing Bugsy occupied my time, day and night, and while at the peak of both typhoons. The medications have helped, but I give huge credit to my Aunt's prayers for Bugsy's speedy recovery while further enriching her spiritual self at Lourdes for 3 weeks. Now, Bugsy is back to his hyper self.  In fact, more hyper than usual.  And, my Aunt is  back.

While waiting for my Aunt emerge from the arrival gates.
Hello Typhoon Quiel!

What I asked for.

My heart melts for these two.

Last year, I launched  By Beaded Story's journey with Mother's Heart necklaces.  All pieces were sold during and after the Christmas Bazaar at Alabang Hills Village.  But as promised, I commit myself to making more.  Unfortunately, the medals  from Lourdes won't be put up for selling. A promise I gave my Aunt upon handing over the medals.  Besides, it's about time that I gift myself with an extra-special  arrangement conceived from the heart and made by my two hands. (at times, feet too.  really!).

I made ten necklaces of the below design last year.  All sold, with one given as gift to my Aunt.  She wore this on the day she visited Lourdes.  The nuns who did volunteer work in Lourdes gave high praises for this arrangement. Well, it seemingly sounded like praise according to my Aunt.  They spoke in French while holding on to the necklace wrapped around my Aunt's neck.  You may wear this arrangement by the way either long or choker style (double loop).  My Aunt wore it choker style that day. But not a single word did my Aunt understand.  Funny scene I think.  Nevertheless, I am deeply touched and continue to beam.   I feel very inspired.

Amidst these typhoon ramblings, I happily managed to bead. Here you go, LASO necklaces are back.

If you follow By Beaded Story in multiply, thank you.  But I invite you to visit and like our Facebook page as well.  This year's designs are all posted on Facebook. Click HERE.

That's about it.  A big sigh of relief and fear out of my chest.  For now. Here's hoping and praying no typhoons will soon come our way.  Stay safe and dry, everyone! 

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