Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yesterday at Quiapo

I woke at 5:15AM, on a Saturday! 

I was excited to have J. Bond  accompany me on my bead splurge at Quiapo yesterday morning.  He had no choice but to come along and help carry the goods.  My right hand, and now all the way to my shoulder, could no longer afford to carry nor hold on to a heavy load.  The same goes for beading, controlled and very limited.  Obviously, the discomfort I feel especially at night comes from too much beading, carrying huge bags and working on the computer with bad posture (lying down).   So, I'm in the process of correcting these long practiced bad habits.

In my countless trips to Quiapo, yesterday was J. Bond's 3rd time to come along. The first time happened here.  We got lost.  The 2nd, he chose to stay and wait within the confines of our airconditioned car. He claimed parking was difficult.  Yesterday, he followed my usual way.  Take the public transportation and walk slow.  My way leads me to discover more.

Like these comfy cloth shoes.  I'm into anything floral these days, even if summer is officially over.

And, these funny spelled "magic" lipsticks. Colorless, but when applied, the lips turn red.

Now, here comes J. Bond's official duty.  To help carry two huge IKEA bags containing these...

...and handle with extra care my newly discovered  Parasitic Twins (as described once again by J. Bond)...

J. Bond said he had fun, except for the nasty scents that came his way. But I'm glad to hear that since we'll surely be back soon via my way.  A big thanks for the help. 

In his not so pleased look while at the LRT. Hahaha!

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