Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While waiting for J. Bond

There was too much time to kill in Baguio last week.  And must add, too much patience to practice too. I almost lost it.  But like what I wrote here, I just tag along while J. Bond works. A reminder he consistently repeats on each trip. Last week was extraordinary though.  He overworked and overextended.

So, I took a side trip and checked out Camp John Hay's Butterfly Sanctuary.

I have thought of visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary so many times but have never gotten to. I was faced with either darkness, rains, or the thought of snakes along the way. Last week, I was brave.  And, impatient from the long wait. Thank God, weather was great.

Follow the sign posted on tree trunks.

Cross the wooden bridge.

Found at the middle of the bridge. Onto the next life.

Then, the quaint sanctuary.

I was lucky to have the butterfly caretaker all to myself.  I was her lone visitor that day.  She thoroughly explained the life cycle of a butterfly and gladly toured me around.

I can relate to this cocoon.  Waiting. Waiting. And, still waiting.

Then, voila!  Lovely butterflies.  Can't help but think of my flora necklaces.

The butterfly caretaker was my photographer too.  She took photos of me while going gaga over butterflies.  As explained, butterflies don't fly much when weather is cool.  They stood still on my hair and hand. 

There is truth in the saying, "Good things come to those who wait.". 
Mine was in the form of butterflies :)

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