Monday, July 4, 2011


In 2007, I was insanely addicted to jelly-colored shoes.  My fetish gave birth to chalk necklaces and multi-colored bangles.

In 2008, I ended my corporate life and looked forward to spending my days  happily.  A thousand happy-lucKEY charms happened next and were all sold insantly in a bazaar.  LucKEY!!!

My clients know me by heart.  I bead only when I am inspired.  If not, expect nothing.  In 2009, it took me a year to step out of the rut and it was a few plays in Mohegun Sun that helped bring my creative senses back. *Haha.  It took long, but  in some way, I drove myself  back into the beading groove. 

Obviously, I get inspired by both normal and peculiar stuff.

This year, Pinky's flower arrangement served as inspiration for my bead cloth necklaces. My favorite so far. These are now available at the Country Store of Sonya's Garden. 

Recently,  photos of my latest Flora necklaces were posted in this blog.  But what actually served as inspirations for this year's Flora design were these ...

The butterfly from Sonya's Garden. Taken in December 2010.

Tita Lally's Garden Decor.

The pattern and most especially the yellow core of these orchids.

 And, Tita Lally's golden ball.

*This year's Flora pendants were handpainted by a talented artist from Baguio.

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