Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Twin

J. Bond thinks they're wierd.

I find them pretty. So I bought them! *Haha.  Though I have stumbled upon these two from a quaint shop in Bacolod a year ago, I haven't actually had the chance to use them yet -- out of anxiety on what J. Bond will say.  But today, I was bold and cared less.

In Nasugbu, for the nth ocular inspection for the Pharmacy's Teambuilding.  This is it! I finally found the perfect venue.  Alleluia!

Then in Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm for my much needed replenishment of honey mint shampoo, natural healing honey soaps and eucalyptus bath salts.

And just when I thought the day would cap without a word, J. Bond then says... "Your wierd earrings are your PARASITIC TWINS!". Oh my!!!

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