Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunny scenes in Baguio

I was surprised to feel a bit of chill at the start of April.  In fact, I shook on the day I did a quick invitational speech for an upcoming activity in a local barangay sponsored by the Pharmacy.  J. Bond claimed it was my scared nerves.  I thought otherwise.  It truly felt "breezy-cool" that day.  A huge difference from last year's summer heat that began in March.

Summer 2011 apparently decided to creep in while everyone was asleep, giving all a real good SHOCK upon sunrise!  *Haha. And now, it is just way too unbearable. 

I miss Baguio!  Cool relaxing weather even on a sunny day.

Feels like Christmas...in summer =)

Wish I wake up to this every single day.  The view from our room.
Shopping amidst pine trees at Camp John Hay.

Lovely outdoor art sessions.

A climb in the park by day.  And, bonfire by night.

That happy lone marathon walk along Session Road, from Nardas, to SM Baguio, to the flower alley of Baguio Market, then back.

The scene from SM Baguio's view deck.

Savoring the coolness while looking UP!

Then, homeward bound. Aww shucks!

But, I'll be back. Again. Soon =)

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