Friday, May 6, 2011

When feeling crumbly...

A.  Paint the sky with stars...A thought I must keep most especially when the spirit afloats.

B.  Draft 3 wishes.  So here goes:

1. I wish the world would stand still. And, smile.  Even for a moment.

2. My ex-boss replied to a concern I once raised about a disliked task, Customer Service....."The more you hate, the longer it stays. There's a purpose."  True!  I learned.

Now, I wish for appreciation instead of frustration. The pharmacy has a purpose.  Keep this in mind =)

3.  I wish Sister # 4 a blessed marriage to R. I wish I could be there.  But lesson faced and accepted with a heavy heart, Sickness is a glutton for wealth.

And, C. Do what you love most.  I BEAD!  En route to Sonya's Garden this weekend ...

Chunky Bead necklaces.  Click HERE to view all designs.

2011 Bead Lace Necklaces.  
 Available colors:  White, Baby Pink, Grey, Navy Blue, Tan. 
Click HERE to view all designs.

Dainty Chalk long necklaces
Available in green, white, brown.

Chunky Bracelets.


  1. The chunky bracelet is absolutely amazing. The colours in it are stunning. Well done!


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