Sunday, May 1, 2011

Food trip in Baguio

I was right.  I should have followed my instinct and stayed behind.  Baguio weather  is   Ergo, I am sane.  

Foggy with a bit of rain on our first day.

Sunny yet cozy cool weather on the next 2 days. 

But I longed for my bed, my now, I  melt even with constricted moves.  The price I paid for returning home.  At least, I caught up on lost sleep last night.  Still, I miss Baguio's cool weather terribly.

I refuse by the way to step on my overused scale.  A few unwanted pounds are what I gained from my 3-day wagging along, all because of my friend's (Kaka) skill to recommend the best in every town.  In every city.  And, in other countries too. Not only did she recommend one, she sent a list via text twice:
Resto options in Baguio:  O Mai Kan! - Mongolian Buffet. Of course, everyone knows Rose Bowl - Chinese resto. Try the strawberry shortcake of Vizco's along Session Road.  Volante Pizza. Forest Grill near Loakan.  Eve's Garden/Master's Garden - ala-Sonya's Garden.  For a different experience, you may also check out Kidlat Tahimik's Art Cafe.  Or, PNKY Cafe. Make sure you go to Bencab Museum along Asin Road.  Baka gusto mong puntahan si Diego of Tawid Silver.  That's it for now!
Wow!!! With that list, I ended with "alternatives".  Hahaha. Sorry Ka, but thanks.  I'll keep these spots in mind on my next visit. Instead...

For lunch while on the way to Baguio:  Burger King's chicken sandwich and fries.  Yeah! But J. Bond enjoyed  more. Then, a cup of sugar free mixed berries ice-cream for dessert marked our arrival. 

First night's dinner at Sizzling Plate.  My first (I think), but J. Bond's nth. Great tasty, succulent steak with java rice and a bowl of soup.  Surprisingly affordable.

Breakfast at House of Waffles. Any breakfast is good as long as with butter :)

"Street" corn.  Great way of pacifying the pangs of hunger during my lone walk along Session Road plus a window shopping roundabout in SM.  

Now here goes an animated dinner at Forest House with Pinky (my flower friend) and her little caboodle.  Amidst Pinky's juicy talk, I was reminded of  Dwarfina's little house because of the gigantic Sunflowers, Strawberries, Butterflies and a barrage of home crafts displayed all around. 

Food was good especially their linguine shrimp and mushroom pasta. But then, these heartwarming flag notes pinned on drinks and bread bowls served as distraction.  I stayed focus on the notes even with J. Bond's beer in the background.   Haha!  The beer by the way had no pinned note.

Little John's Resto was where I ceased eating.  But J. Bond went on, while I was engrossed with the artworks drawn and colored on-the-spot by diners.  Each table had its own set of crayons, pencils and brown paper. So anybody could just "draw away".  Well, I didn't.  Next time.

My top choice.  I am drawn to this type of image.

How about you?  Any new food trip discoveries over the weekend?  More Baguio photos coming soon :)

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