Monday, June 20, 2011

So what if the sand was black...

The sand was black.

The sky turned dark and rained a bit.

The waves were high and strong.  Locals announced a storm brewing.

This year, the Pharmacy faced gigantic waves.  It felt like watching my daily fix of teleseryes, but this time all happening within our own confines.  At one point, the thought of worthless time and effort came to mind, and I thought of letting go.  But with J. Bond's force and persuasion, I stayed on. 

Good thing I did.  Otherwise, I would have not witnessed and captured this touching, meaningful and powerful moment.

Yes, the sand was black.  It may have rained.  The waves were high and strong leaving us with aches and itchy backs.  But I have realized that challenges are nothing as long as we stand tall. Hand-in-hand.  And, together.  Thanks to my 5-man team for the reminder.

I am happy and more in-love with the Pharmacy Team.  They have definitely grown, even amidst jokes and laughter.  J. Bond and I have never felt so at home. 

 Finally, we have a TEAM.

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