Thursday, June 30, 2011

Veggie Shopping

It is an absolute challenge to trick coax my ex co-worker, turned good friend, to eat veggies.  A dot or a dash of green equates to "stay away".  Once, she had no choice but to eat the served brocolli on her plate (by yours truly) since the  bosses were around.  She stared and glared, while  I ignored.  This happened only once.

So when I shopped for veggies at Baguio Market last week, my friend came to mind.

Spinach???  Lol.

Carrots, Bell Pepper, and Garlic

That sums up my little veggie loot. 

But there was so much veggie freshness in Baguio that I have never ever seen in Manila-based markets or supermarkets. I wanted to buy all. Not only for me.  For my friend too. Of course, I did not.

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