Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baguio during Bagyong Falcon

While Typhoon Falcon brought strong rains to Manila, it only drizzled in Baguio.  So, we went on even with gushing water along the way. 

There was too much excitement that rain, not even a typhoon, could dampen our spirits. Since most I assume have opted to stay safe within the confines of their homes, we  enjoyed and hugged the Lion's Head all to ourselves.  On days with good weather, this famous tourist stop is predictably overcrowded.

Of course, we shopped...

for souvenirs at Mines View Park

for vegetables at Baguio Market

How vendors wash vegetables - a dip and a dive into a pail of water. 

for Footwear (made in Liliw Laguna)

for Foot Rugs

And so many more!  We enjoyed a few sights too even amidst drizzle...

Mines View Park

Me with Auntie Mer at Camp John Hay

 An afternoon stroll.

And, these dainty beads :)

Disappointingly a quick trip due to Typhoon Falcon.  Family and friends worried for our safety.  And we worried too after having witnessed a couple of bad accidents on the way back home.  But we tremendously enjoyed!

Hope you guys were safe and sound during those bad weather days.

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