Friday, June 3, 2011

When in Baguio...

For the 3 times I've recently been to Baguio, not only do I....

Nag J. Bond

Feel amazed with the sights along Kennon Road

Enjoy the cool weather

Eat unhealthily


Rub elbows with MP

But, I do a bit of research and work as well.

My next goal for the Pharmacy, to grab a space such as this. 
There are 2 Generika branches within the commercial hub of Baguio, one along Session Road, and the 2nd, right behind the wet market.  I prefer the 2nd area.  Busy and filled with action.  A few meters away from this bag shop too. By the way, I thank Generika Baguio's franchise owner for accommodating my ambush "interview".  I must have caught you by surprise. More power to us!

Next week, I'll see you again Baguio =)

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