Saturday, August 27, 2011

Organized Chaos

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading...or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance -- Confucius quotes

I tried.

After having browsed through interesting reviews on Samantha Sotto's first  novel, I culminated with an intrigue. As usual! Knowing for one that she is a fellow Pinay, and how her story has evolved before, during and after landing a book deal with Random House,  I knew I had to run towards a nearby bookstore and grab myself a copy real quick.

And I just did that three weeks ago.  But to date, I have not gone beyond this page.

Serious! That's all to it - page one.  Nothing more, not even an added single word.  Lol!

Have you ever had days when situations appear and just happen at  the same point in time?  All scream harmoniously for your name and demand for immediate attention.  Well, this is exactly how my life's story has been these days.   Organized chaos!

First, here's a Moon Cake from J. Bond's Malaysian co-worker Wee.   I totally appreciate the thoughtfulness, especially the delightful fried shrimp rolls she had given us on  previous visits. I am addicted to Malaysia/Singapore's shrimp rolls.

This is my first time to have ever been so thrilled by a Moon Cake's intricate design.  The dragon  reminds me of my upcoming Seahorse Tala necklace. 

See the similarity?
On hindsight, having Wee (and their Indian boss) around would expectedly equate to an extensive week of site visits and extended hours in the office. Ack!!!  In a nutshell, the week began with no lovelife, and(!) a solo act of comprehending, overseeing and accomplishing these tasks...

Home Improvement:  Kitchen floor re-tiling. Before the works happened, the kitchen evoked a sense of darkness, dampness, and thus, became less conducive to cooking and other kitchen works.  Making the situation worse were wild and haunting thoughts that plagued my mind day and night.  I limited my kitchen visits and contended with the ever reliable take out food.  Unlike the fascination I have with multi-colored beads, the kitchen was transformed into ALL WHITE - clean, crisp and visibly clear.  Finally, I feel happy and definitely in peace. 

Store (pharmacy) improvement: for the purpose of  Safety and Security.  Anything to do with electricals, wirings, it would be best to ask the expert. Not me. The expert ended exhausted after his long, tedious explanation.  And, I still remain lost "in translation".  So when faced with a mind-boggling challenge like this...take note of all hotline numbers, take a photo, and turnover everything to the man. In my case, J. Bond.  Good job!

Family departure (to heaven).  My family and J. Bond's side of the family recently faced sad departures.  Both services are scheduled this weekend. Death, according to Mom, is written in our life's  journey, with no exemptions, no escapes. It is part and parcel of life. I keep her words in mind, but grasping and accepting how real it is remain incomprehensible to this day.  One day, I know I will understand. 

Speaking of understanding, J. Bond thinks that the challenge of understanding re-tiling, wiring and death have doubly magnified the monster in me.  So, he brought this photo home last night and said ... "Where do you think I can buy this sticker?  I should stick one in my car.".  Oh LOL!!! 

With these, reading at this point is impossible.  Beading, on the other hand, continues to be part of my daily routine despite the added mind-boggling works this week. As the saying goes, "If there's a will, there's a way."
Another Tala necklace to be released soon

How about you?  How has your week been so far?

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