Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do I smell peace?

And just like that, the Pharmacy team is back. On  the right track.  After our happy out-of-town, no work just play affair, we still had a couple of aftershocks to face.

Let me NOT enumerate what started in March.  My heart still runs wild each time I think about it.  But all is better now.  All I now see and focus on are our busy months ahead, which had actually began over the weekend.

4am opening for our quarterly Operation Health Alert.  Our early birds.

The team in action, in darkness.

J. Bond, the umbrella boy.  One of our many ways to provide "superior" customer service to patients :) 

Then, visited Dad early this afternoon.  Finally, a bit of silence. 

I'm slowly moving towards my usual programming, beading included.  Keeping fingers crossed.

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