Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Titter Totter bags

Titter Totter is what I call my two new bags.  By this time, you must have figured out this crazy  love I have for bags. In fact, bags came first before beads came to life.  But not the expensive, luxury type of bags.  More like ...1)   bags that form in my mind.  Like the one I talked about in this blog ...and 2) bags big enough to fit and carry practically everything in my closet. No kidding!

Why Titter Totter?  Visually, the bags seem ready to tear apart at the least touch.  But NOT.  I adore them for the reason that both bags are positioned as eco-friendly.

First, a bag made from scrap materials and made with love by an Aunt.  She was responsible for designing and sewing my beautiful wedding gown, and she took care of putting together white flowers for Uncle Bob last year. Currently, she is busy with bags (and very busy with flamenco dresses).

The same bag, but sporting a bigger look.

A lovely button that serve as accent and lock at the same time.

How it looks inside.  Gold shimmery material used as lining, same material used for my bead pouches. 

If you wish to see this bag in person, a few will be sold in this year's Christmas Bazaars.  The invites have begun.  But I have decided to only participate in two bazaars.   I will definitely let you know the final details soon.

Then, the tarpaulin-made AC (Assumption College)-ECO Bag .

I wanted one  and rode on with Karla's order despite the presence of a looming denial on how time zooms fast. Really fast!  In a couple of years, my batch is celebrating our Velada - the 25th year anniversary of our high school graduation. Everyone is looking forward to this grand celebration and the AC-ECO Bag marks the start.

A good carry-all bag for my Pharmacy files which I lug everywhere. Even at the bank while working on payroll matters yesterday.

Beaded bracelet converted into a bag charm not included.  But a good way to give more flavor to a bag.

Calling all AC girls, should you be interested, please feel free to visit and order from this site.

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