Sunday, July 4, 2010

the Camera-shy GANG

YES!!!  The night we all LONG planned for has finally happened.  Despite the frequent re-scheduling due to various  reasons (including a recent trip to Spain, Rome .... and Bacolod), we celebrated the "tremendously sweet fruit" of HIS labor with a lot of reminiscing and a hodge podge of KFC Hot and Crispy Chicken, Reyes Barbecue, Amber's Pancit, sweet Pichy-Pichy and the newly discovered "banapple" cake by "J" (the food expert of AMalls).

I say fruit of his labor since the photo above is a feature of his  new home, which practically took x-number of years in the making.  The write-up makes no mention of the owner's name nor its whereabouts (I think? since I only did a quick scan.).  Though one thing is for sure, it belongs to a dear friend who still enjoys calling me by the name T.R.I.C.I.E up to this very day. Nothing more. Nothing less.  That's just simply it.  His term of endearment, like honey, sweetheart, or maybe darling.  Fine! (lol)

Meet Her 1, only HE, and aka-Tricie with her beaded cloth belt

Last night, he opened his doors to the now middle-aged, camera-shy gang (except yours truly) who years ago met at work and would once-in-awhile splurge on good food or a thrilling cup of coffee with a marathon of free mixed nut stories. After a quick tour and a huge praise for the beautiful investment, the rest of the night was once again a one year and a half merger of recap and flash forwards.  Believe me.  One must stay focused on each word since topics can  shift in a blink of an eye with no pause nor a short gasp for breath. Absolutely a heart-pumping never ending sharing and a simultaneous consolidated effort of "butting-ins".  The sharing only comes to a halting break when a "bummer" husband gives a reminder call of the curfew time. Lol!  A reason why I brought J. Bond along, on top of  my first concern on night driving.  Anyway, the gang still maintains the same obnoxious knack for eye-popping, smile-widening "chikas".  A thing that I have not had for over a year and a half now.   And boy! I missed that ....

... and  of course the gang too.  These days, we are pretty much indulged with our own thing and  it feels real good to catch-up with a once-in-a-blue-moon  face-to-face chill.  A  momentary break from insanity caused by the daily grind.

To the camera-shy gang ... here are my one to two-liner messages for each of you ....

Her 1 C:   I know you read my blogs.  So think of these as the daily chikas we used to do at work.
Her 2 J:    You are absolutely the certified food expert.  Bazaar soon???
Her 3 N:   My partner in "MDP".  From our 1st training day in Antipolo to our Steven Covey sessions and to our  HKG escapade (with a little bit of arguing with our Australian  finance instructor), we've gone a long way :)
Only HE:  TriCie is proud of your achievement.  Thanks for opening your doors and making us feel home.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Me with the camera-shy gang!  CHEERS!

P.S. You can read snippets of  my friend's home in My Home's May 2010 issue since this blog speaks only of "friendship".

                                                                                       aka-TRICIE of 

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