Monday, July 12, 2010

Temptation Island

I was literally on the brink of giving in yesterday while having lunch at Paseo Uno, Mandarin Oriental Manila with an aunt who celebrated her 60th.  The feeling was exactly like this less the "sexiness ...

Courtesy of

LOL!!!  As I've said, I am a true blue WEIGHT-O-HOLIC.  No doubt about that! But much to my dismay, I am frequently lured by the scorching  redness of temptation ... most especially -- the forbidden

Jelly topped with 3 blueberries

Chocolate lollipos and Cookies

Here's what I call this, Sinful Strawberry cake

Fruit tart

Four out of so many that I hallucinate for, but can't!!! As in NO for the rest of my life.  I have long passed that age of "innocence".  Ergo, cute excuses are no longer cute!  Allowing myself to succumb to sweet cravings for satisfaction's sake will truly cause a great "mishap", not immediately but definitely sometime in the future.  Am I confusing you?  Whatever question you have in mind (most especially to those who only know the superficial me), the answer is yes I AM A WEIGHT-O-HOLIC and yes to the question that pops in your mind. 

But as they say, life is life!  So, I am left with just one choice ... deal with it and be happy with whatever is thrown my  crooked, tempting yet colorful way :)

Bread!!! My every single day staple (with Good Shepherd's sugar-free Strawberry Jam).  This I can't live without.

Say Cheese!!!

Yummy salad placed inside Mr. Crab's shell

Preferably, a must not.   I gave in (in moderation, promise!).

I love Tuna Sashimi until I came face-to-face with this ...

Plus an eye contact with this!

Something's missing here

There you go, healthy (really sour) dessert to satisfy the  sweet-craving.

A limbo rock is how I describe the battle.  Living life surrounded by sumptuous temptations ain't no joke. 

But, I have slowly learned to come to terms with the real deal especially now that I have J. Bond who very much enjoys my share of the forbidden ...

... and exactly that J. Bond who said NO and immediately pulled away that dessert-filled plate away from me...

J. Bond               NO way will you eat any of those deserts!
J. Bond (again)  and NO to bead picture taking now. Let me finish.
ME                     Pleeaaase. I want NOW! If you won't help me, I can do it.

So here you go. My attempt to take that bead shot.  Eeek!

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