Friday, July 9, 2010

Adios JESSE and Smile BABY LOUIS

I admire folks ... *oops! I meant celebrities!*... who subject their popular lives to the grueling process of adoption. So while I was having my much needed hot oil, then followed by a hair chop a couple of days ago (ok, let's not get carried away.  2 inches is what I'm talking about here.), I was glued to this ....

Interesting read most especially the part when Jesse took center stage (lol).  No details worth sharing for the reason that  "PARTING WAYS" caused by the foolish act of "infidelity" makes me cringe with negativity. Except for J. Bond's "freaky" following over Jesse's TV show aired at Discovery Channel and a little bit of Jesse talk in this blog, I, on the other hand, take on Sandra's side of the bed.  More like of a girl thing you know, a feeling of the same shared sentiment and a semblance of hurtful yet learning experience.  Haha! Oh boy, I'm beginning to ramble here.  Should you wish to know more developments of this Sandra and Jesse saga, click HERE.

On a positive note (finally!), I live by what I see on People's cover page (on top of the head/back/arms massage by my  hot oil therapist. I swear, you can only experience this HERE. Ooh la la.).  I love every part of it --Sandra's beaming smile, Baby Louis' gaze, the colorful beads (idea!!!) from Sunny (Jesse's 6 year old kid) and yes, the massage!.

It ain't all about tears you know.  Besides, the decision had already been made. Adios, Mr. Monster Garage! Here's the thing, a smile (believe it or not!)  does happen even in tears (and most especially after a massage!)And YES, miracles do happen ... at the right time.  Hello Baby Louis :)!!!

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