Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shut the TV off. PRAY. Then, SUSAN BOYLE.

Can't get myself to bead this week.  From the day this happened ....

 to the talked about question and answer portion....

Haayyyy!!!  There's too much negativity and criticisms going on. At times I wonder if all the bashing can help solve issues.  Maybe yes. Maybe no.  Or just simply,  Maybe. 

I may be a bit idealistic here.  But I do wish for once I hear someone say on-air (including national dailies and social networking sites) simple yet meaningful words like "Thank you" or "Good Job" before going head-on with the issue.  A boost in the morale is what I think is most  needed especially right after stressful situations like these.  Wishful thinking. 

The news is still too fresh and  irresistible to talk about.   But after the 2007 firsthand experience I went through, I will once again take my usual route ... Shut the TV off .  PRAY. Then,  watch this special clip on SUSAN BOYLE.


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