Wednesday, August 11, 2010

As seen thru a RED RING

I'm a confused nut.  When J. Bond hits the trail, my heart pumps wild!  Ergo, I pray HARD! 

But when J. Bond .....

and B=RAVE dude friend .....

..... hit the driving range, I face BOREDOM!  There you go, my "bold" statement on golf.  

Except for last Saturday's session, there was no backing off since I already needed to settle a looooooong overdue IOweU with B=RAVE Dude friend for the recycled packaging he has been supplying me with.  Plus to mention the fact that I needed to order more for the WOODROSE FAMILY BAZAAR I am gearing up for.  The latest boxes entail a separate blog since the look have absolutely progressed.   Beautiful is all I can say.  In fact, I've kept a lot some for my own personal use.  Click HERE to see its origins.

Back to golf. Obviously, I faced boredom.  But I was ready to watch, be involved and be entertained this time.  

Madam Imelda and the screaming RED ring.

Step 1:  Peep through the hole.  J. Bond gets ready for the shot.

Step 2:  Full shot.  See the difference. 
If not, see the "club" marker on the ground.

Step 3:  J. Bond hits the ball.  No idea where it landed???

Step 4:  The "goof" golf power pose!!!

Who am I kidding?  I'm bored!!!

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