Monday, December 20, 2010


I therefore conclude that J. Bond and B-rave Dude friend shared an overkill of"togetherness" during last week's bazaar.  Lol!

On top of their participation in multiple bazaar activities, they did a lot of chit-chatting too. Including  my obvious weight gain.  Darn!  Mind your own business, dudes!  Anyway, they did bond for 3 days while I was hooked on selling beads.  A week after, they continued on with the togetherness by materializing THEIR plan on the day I have long declared as my day-off from cooking.  In other words, EAT OUT SATURDAYS.

Yeah baby! The plan apparently was to cook Clam Chowder served in a bread bowl. So from shopping to food prep and to cooking, the two dudes did ALL the work. I, on the other hand, did my ever-supportive share by staying away from the work area (haha!) and  deliberately denying myself of any involvement.  This rare bubble-moment is absolutely not meant for bursting anyway.  But then again, my stock of favorite butter was wiped off in an instant.  That night, I stayed awake for fear of a no-butter breakfast.  Lol!

The recipe by the way was googled.  Each aka-chef had his own version.  But being the authentic Master Chef that he truly is, B-rave Dude friend took the lead while J. Bond helped with the chopping...and beer drinking!

Bread bowl bought from French Baker.  The scraped middle part was really good and soft. 

The finished product made from scratch. Definitely, no canned goods involved.

Ready to serve. Hot soup, topped with bacon bits, on a rainy day...heaven!

Having  two 6-footer men gorge on meals and snacks every minute of the day (one of whom I am married to),  I thought soup was not enough.  So I did work too by pushing on the dial buttons of my favorite delivery number...
Haha!  Nothing beats delivery (at MY doorstep). Don Arturo or Taco Pizza of Di Marks has never failed to satisfy the palate.  This time though, I thought wrong. The soup was way too heavy to accommodate even a bite. To this day, there's still too much pizza lying around. 

And when I thought dinner was over, the two dudes continued on...

Another goof golf planning session with a 1970s golf book by Jack Nicklaus used as guide...and toothpick which they held on to for dear life.  Eek!

And, they capped the night off with a guitar session.

So far, no plans of cooking up another together session yet.  But if they do have, I cross my fingers that it be on an EAT OUT SATURDAY again.  I don't mind eating home on a Saturday as long as they do all the work!

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