Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nutcracker at the Ayala Malls

Huge chunk of my childhood years was ballet.  Aside from the hanky-panky, I was taught and trained to do splits, pirouettes, plies, arabesques for five years with twice a week sessions,  plus!!! 1-2 times a year recitals and an annual muscle-wracking practical exam orchestrated by Russian ballerinas.  But then, I quit.  Ballet somehow got in the way with other extra-curricular activities like swimming and bayanihan.
After having watched snippets of Nutcracker at the Ayala Malls, I wish at this moment that I can still dance ballet. The toes can still manage a point, but the rest of the "stretchy" and "balance-stricken" moves is beyond imagination. I remember watching the full-length of Nutcracker at the Cultural Center of the Philippines with Mom and Dad decades ago. Back then, I faced boredom. Today, I am inspired by ballet and the COLORS that came with it.
The show began with a fusion of interpretative dance moves. In my own terms and observation, ballet combined with hip-hop(?) and jazz(?)
The use of popular Filipino Christmas songs during the first part of the show had made me finally feel the spirit of Christmas.  At this point, to get going with my shopping was what I thought of while watching the show.  21 days to go!
 The start of Nutcracker.
 My favorite colors, turquoise and gold.
These colors too, red and black.
Come to think of it, I never reached the stage of dancing with "toe shoes". 
 Yikes!  I don't think I'll manage any longer. Not even a jump.
Looks familiar. I posed this way before.  HeeHee.
A cute yellow-green segment.

With or without past ties, only Ayala Malls can mount and bring such world class events ... and for free! 

A BIG kudos to my ex-"Mothers", "Sisters" and "Belyas".  Not only did I think of ballet today.  My not-so past life bugged me as well.  Missing all of you!

For more details about Nutcracker at the Ayala Malls, click HERE.

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