Sunday, December 5, 2010

TL Ako Sa Yo!

Another typical absurd breakfast chat with J. Bond ...

ME           Whatever happened to Kitchie Nadal?
J.Bond      (no reply). (a minute after) Watch this.  I'm sure you'll like it.

A revival of that hit song by "Cinderella" in the 70s, I thought. Listen to its original version here. And yes, I did like the video because of its popart/comic book treatment.  J. Bond got it right.  Then, we continued on...

ME              What does TL stand for?
ME (again)      TULO LAWAY? (in english, drool)
J. Bond       *looks at me with disbelief and says* TRUE LOVE!

LOL! Now I know.  But ain't TRUE LOVE make a person "tulo laway"?  Whatever! I'm just grateful for the fact that my True Love does know what TL truly stands for. Unlike me. HaHa!

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did :)

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