Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teeth, Numbers and Beads

Who would have thought that after so many years of building our lives apart and marking that niche in this vast world,  that semblance of a High School girl we once knew and shared all together still does exist. 

Christmas 2010.  Coffee-date at Mary Grace.

Not only did we spend our high school days together, we were once in our lives carpool-mates,  coffee-mates, seat-mates, apartment-mates. Name it, we've got it.  Except for the part when I and my-now-dentist friend (in white and green stripes) were requested to quit the pep squad from too much giggling, then headed by the friend in blue, we stuck it out as great friends.  No hard feelings.

Heartwarming menu cover of Mary Grace.

Contracts were back then drafted that stipulated the conditions of having reached the most number of boyfriends first.  The last in line, if my memory serves me right, reaps the grand prize.  I was never part of the deal and instead took on the the role of the witness. Better to play safe but I know I could have won. Lol!   Years after, the contract has long been forgotten (or deliberately ignored).  We have taken on different paths, but a path I believe that sort of intertwines most especially when needed ...

December 24 brunch.

...The husband of my dentist friend spearheaded the dental mission held at the Pharmacy summer of this year. He, by the way, is the dean of Emilio Aguinaldo's College of Dentistry and specializes in dental surgery.  Someone to rely on when the time comes.

There's the dean, as seen on the mirror.  Hahaha!

My pep squad friend, on the other hand, lives and breathes numbers.  An industry I abhor, but fell on my lap for 6 years of my career life.  But, I did survive...and eventually retired early and began living :)

Ergo, the story of the Pharmacy and my beads happened, which actually both involves a bit of financials and an on-the-side dental mission.  I admire both my friends for having chosen their respective fields, in which I am definitely not cut for. Neither "teeth" nor "numbers".  I'd rather be the jack-of-all-trades, with beading taking on the lead role.  And speaking of beads, my friends took a crack at it for the first time while at Mary Grace ...

Their expression is a giveaway, and we're just talking about how to knot here.  Obviously, another "knotting" session is needed. 

Despite the science, math and arts and crafts classes we took in high school together, it is absolutely a case of "to each his own".  We may excel in different fields, but it is the friendship we share that gives each of us a chance to immerse and diversify beyond what we are accustomed to.  Even just for a short while.

Maybe, I'll look into dentistry one of these days.  For now, I'll stick to beading.  Hahaha!

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