Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back at Bag of Beans

Not only have I mastered the skill of breaking shoes on special occasions (read: weddings), I have mastered the skill on accidentally stepping on ant-hills as well. So when the unforeseen happened three years ago while on a yummy porkchop treat at Bag of Beans Tagaytay (I drool for their porkchop),  the red ants were enough reason for me to never return.  Have you ever experienced being bitten by an ant?  I'm sure you have.  But how about being invaded and attacked by a colony whose abode you have accidentally stepped on?  Minimal chance I bet.  On my end and for the nth time, things like these just happen to me!  Well, it felt like I was electrocuted.

Last weekend, I was in Bag of Beans.  I was amazed and inspired by the change in color over my three years of Bag of Beans abstinence.  Thank God, no ants around.

Brown coffee cup

Purple Flowers
Yellow Flowers
Dining amidst Greens
 More dining amidst Greens
Colorful treetop accent
 Strings in Red
"Water" Color
 Beads on White
More info on Bag of Beans HERE.

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