Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Praying for Her

Only now have I realized that moving to a new house can be both exciting and stressful. But amidst the chaos (I try to hard to be organized by the way.  But things can  go really crazy), I finally found time  to visit my endocrinologist at Asian Hospital this morning.  No choice anyway.  Two things on the agenda:  to "present" my long overdue laboratory results (not too good!)  and to finally handover my Christmas gift. 
I'm glad my doctor loved the necklace.

As I was waiting for my turn, my doctor's secretary had requested to squeeze in a patient prior to my scheduled appointment.  I agreed.  Must be VIP I thought. True enough she is...the eldest daughter of a former President who had encountered a major accident ten years ago, and has unfortunately resulted with a damaged brain.  She is in her 50s but acts and thinks like a 3-year old.  Prior to the accident she was in tiptop condition as shared by the secretary.  Accompanied  by two caregivers, all she had in mind was ice cream on top of her sudden bursts of slapping shoulders of other patients including doctors.
At this moment, I still think of her.  The twists and turns of life.  And of  her Mother, her love for her daughter, and the pain.
Praying for her....

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