Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Story of By Beaded Story

The heart is a mosaic of stories . . . filled with stories to share . . . stories to dream about . . . stories that make us laugh or make us cry. I started my adventure with bead necklaces early part of 2006. Amidst the busy swirl of my day-to-day personal and professional life, I longed for a world where I be able to truly express myself freely and proudly call my own. With faith and perhaps luck, it only took a moment's glance and realize that beads were the answer to my prayer.

Beads do come in many forms, colors and shapes. Each bead plays an important role. Lose one, the entire piece falls. I design and tediously hand craft bead necklaces for 3 reasons: One, it fulfills my creative longing. Two, I am simply happy evertyime I bead. And Three, it is my way of sharing a story coming from the heart.

Almost on its 3rd year, By Beaded Story boasts of 6 collections posted below. You may view the collection in detail (inquire/order) at The collections may also be found at seasonal bazaars and out-of-the-box retail stores. So here it is . . . Sharing with you a few random photos of By Beaded Story's Summer 2009 Collection.

Beaded Cloth. Beads wrapped in cloth and worn like a scarf.

Chalk. "M&M"-like beads, choker style.

Flora Necklaces. Nature-inspired collection.

Tala. Venetian Glass collection.

Laso. Venetian Glass/Indian Glass beads twined by a ribbon.

Butones. The Button Collection.

By Beaded Story

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