Friday, November 23, 2012

The Assumption Bazaar 2012

Before moving on to the next Bazaar, Zonta Club of Alabang Christmas Carnivale Bazaar 2012, here are some photos of last Sunday's The Assumption Bazaar.

This photo shared by Craftan served as our invite to family, friends, patrons, and everyone else.  I shared a stall with Craftan.  Craftan promotes locally made embroidered Kaftan dresses and blouses.  I spoke about it here.

Set-up began at 5:00AM.  It's been years since I joined a bazaar in Makati.  I gave up on city life due to stress. So joining bazaars in the city ceased as well. Instead, I pursued joining bazaars that were geographically convenient (read:  near my residence).  But in this case, I said yes upon  Craftan's invite to share a stall.  Assumption is my high school alma mater.  Explains why I wore red. 

Our set-up (and pull-out) crew.  Read:  Husband.  Like in previous bazaars, Craftan and I chose to man the stall ourselves.  This way, we are able to interact with patrons and hear both their good and constructive feedback.

Ribbon-cutting with Assumption nuns and members of the alumnae  to formally open the bazaar.  My life revolved around these nuns for four years.

Mother's Heart necklaces.    While packing for the Assumption bazaar, it took days to finish my packing for this collection. The cycle went something like...I packed, unpacked, packed, then unpacked. J. Bond eventually took over to speed things up.  I was too attached to each and every piece and packing surely meant letting go.  Crazy, I know!

Cloth necklaces for kids.  I call them "Little Miss Cloth Necklace".

 My Little Miss Cloth Necklace model.

My faded Teddy (since a baby) model.
And my blue and white model.

Pretty embroidered Kaftan and a Mother's Heart necklace (Immaculate Heart of Mary).
By Beaded Story and Craftan together.  'Til the next Assumption Bazaar.

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