Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can't wait!

While in a sewing shop (yup! I am trying my luck on sewing due to my addiction on making T-shirt necklaces), an unknown yet pretty lady (read: mestiza) had blocked my way and said "Your dress is pretty, and I adore the embroidery.  Where did you get that?".  A long talk followed after.  
I had worn my Kaftan dress while shopping for thread, needles and strands of gold beads a week ago.  T-shirt necklaces aside, my dress had sparked my interest to pursue (and practice) sewing.  As a child, I sucked big time in sewing class and I still do.  A simple running stitch would turn into a crisscross stitch, then end all tangled up.  I remember having zero patience on sewing.

But I agree with pretty lady.  The embroidery is impeccable. Despite the internal dilemma of whether to identify the "mastermind" behind the dress or not, I gave in and shared details in the end.  Sorry Pinks, I broke my word.  But you and your dresses deserve recognition.

Photo c/o Pinky.  Model:  Pinky's co-worker.
My friend, Pinky, is a full-time corporate employee and a dedicated mom to her two "ducklings".   Like what I had said in a previous post, Pinky has been a long time aficionado for arranging floral bouquets and sculptures.  On occasions like Mother's Day or Birthdays, I order floral bouquets from her to give as gifts.  You may visit this post to see the floral arrangement Pinky had made for my Mom.

Photo c/o Pinky
Recently, Pinky had discovered her gift of designing and creating Kaftan dresses and blouses, still with flowers as main theme.  When members of her household are finally settled in for the night, only then she begins the works.

Photo c/o Pinky
Given the time and labor entailed to embroider flowers, her works still remain exclusive within her circle of friends. But the good news is, she plans to accommodate orders online soon. In the meantime, should you wish to inquire, you may send an email to and I will surely relay your queries to Pinky. 

Photo c/o Pinky
Pretty!!!  Early this week, I had asked Pinky to make another dress for me using the design she had used on the maroon with old rose flowers blouse.  I am excited and can't wait any longer!

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