Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rains, a Bruise and a Kaftan dress

I pray for the rains to stop, for floods to quickly subside, and for everyone's safety (and sanity).

The floods surrounding my Mom's place (in the Philippines) are way too minor compared to what is yet going on in the north.
  Pasay Road corner Amorsolo, Makati City
I am not in any way entitled to raise even a few sentiments. I am safe and so are my family, friends and Bugsy. Thank God!  News updates show the horrible damage of these rains to Filipinos, properties, and pets.  Yet,  I feel frustrated over the firm refusal of many  to evacuate homes situated in critical areas.  Both little things and hard earned belongings are hard to let go. I know. 

On my end, I slipped and badly bruised my left knee prior to meeting a bead client and a pleasurable window shopping spree two rainy days ago.  The photo shows the cleansed aftermath, but prior was all about a muddy and bloody scene. I remember having  skipped over a muddy path. Unfortunately, I slipped and bruised my knee. And as soon as my senses came to life, (in a hush tone) I had said three seemingly important words ..."Save My BAG!!!".  Oh yes, the bag came first before my own rescue.  I can laugh hard over my crazy mindset now, but I was tremendously dead serious about prioritizing the souvenir sack bag from Monaco given by Tita Cyn last year.  Ergo, there's zero difference between me and those who refuse to evacuate. And now, I am frustrated over my bruise, the limp way of walking and the pain caused by a slight bend. My bag, on the other hand, is back to its brand new form.

This photo was taken hours after the slip. Momentarily, I had forgotten all about the bruise while drooling over my new kaftan dress and  its amazing embroidery. I had posted an order days prior, and that unfateful day was the day I was scheduled to pick up.  Hidden behind was my wound. 

The dress with embroidered floral pattern was designed by my friend, Pinky.  A long time aficionado for arranging floral bouquets and sculptures, and from whom I have gotten my inspiration from for last year's lace  necklaces, Pinky has recently discovered her wonderful skill of designing Kaftan blouses and dresses. Given the time and labor  entailed to embroider flowers, her works remain exclusive within her circle of friends.  But the good news is, she  plans to accommodate orders online soon.   In the meantime, should you wish to inquire, you may send an email to and I can surely relay your queries to Pinky.  It does feel great to support a friend who handmakes crafts  with hard work, passion and love.

Anyway,  we cannot control rains from coming, but we have the choice to stay safe.  Right?...lesson learned from the bruise I am currently nursing.  And when a bit of cheer and "healing" are needed, go and find for whatever can bright brighten your day.  In my case, my Kaftan embroidered dress :)  Stay safe and dry!


  1. I bought my mother a purple kaftan dress similar to the one shown from a store somewhere in the maze that is Ylaya/Tabora in Divisoria. It was P350. They had different designs and colors to choose from. All crafted in a factory in Bulacan daw. As I walked through the pasilios, I saw even more booths/stores that had these dresses plus embroidered pillows, table covers, placemats, etc. Just a heads up!


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