Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank You, KAILA....from your Teta Trixy

At the midst of mapping out my imagined musts for my Travel for Beads Project, I was shaken by a startling realization.  My ticket and hotel voucher have been delivered 5 months prior to departure (yes, I do things in advance when too excited.), but I have in some  way  forgotten the part that says ... "your passport is expired!".  Obviously, I panicked and wondered how I could have forgotten.

While gathering all the necessary documents needed for the renewal, I came across small square dotted sheets of paper tucked within the back flap of my passport holder.   I never bothered taking a closer look in the past thinking that it could have been one of my reminder notes that I habitually tuck everywhere and anywhere.  But written was ... "To Teta Trixy".

My heart melted as I went through the sheets of paper one at a time.  These notes, with  cute pencil drawings, were written by my Hello Kitty fan niece, Kaila, in 2009.  First, she had thanked me for the Hello Kitty goodies I had brought for her from the Philippines.  I remember how her jaw had dropped upon seeing all her goodies. Absolutely a fantastic moment.

How I look from Kaila's eyes.    I love how she had included J. Bond in this note too.

To Teta Trixy...a dragon.  a cat.  a rabbit.   And of course, Teto James is mentioned too.

Kaila's bye-bye note.  Aww!  In this case, school sucks.

I am choked by the fact that time zooms so fast.  Here's 4-year old Kaila as my pretty flower girl on my wedding day in 2006.  She surely felt proud showing off her pink gown and pink sneakers to family and friends. 

Kaila at 6, goofing around with an orange at a Chinese restaurant in New York.

Photo c/o my brother.
Recently, Kaila turned 10. Here she is with brother Jaden at Central Park a few days ago.

Oh dear Kaila, Teta Trixy is sorry for having ignored your loving notes for so long.   I promise with all my heart to safely keep all your notes in my precious treasure box.  These truly mean a lot to me.  I look forward to the day when we can both look back, smile and talk about how special your notes and drawings are.

In the meantime,  I want you to know that you will always be my  pretty little flower girl who will forever hold a spot in my special locket. One day, I will hand this over to you.  Wear it as often as I do, so you will never forget.

Thank you dear Kaila!.... Love you to pieces, Teta Trixy.

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