Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All about "B"

Busy yet looking forward would best describe my weekends lately.

First, we finally made the Bold move of ending our "sightseeing" and closing the deal.  I'm sure our property specialist felt ecstatic to have closed his first deal ever.  I thought of him as young and fresh from college.  But how timely he was within my reach  while having dinner in Sentro a couple of weeks ago.  I will share more details of this project in a separate post soon.  This is in relation to investments and building dreams.

And like any other weekend, Bikes and at least three hours of Biking are part and parcel of J. Bond's program.  He's thinking of a 4th bike fit to conquer the slippery trek of the Mountain Province of Sagada soon, while I think of possibly opening a (2nd hand) bike shop someday.  Too much bikes, bike parts and bike-related dvds are lying all around. 

J. Bond's "calming" drink, Tsing Tao Beer.  A bottle a weekend is a must, wherever we are.  Have you tried this?  J. Bond prefers this beer over the usual San Mig Light these days.  I think there's not much of a difference.  Both are called BEER and spelled out B.E.E.R anyway =)

Meanwhile, Beads must be part of our weekend program too.  Here's a typical scene of what happens when I meet with a client.  Client goes over my works.  Bugsy runs around, climbs and jumps on the client.  I reprimand, then carry.  He squirms and escapes.  I run after, then we go through the same process. In a nutshell, I multi-task by controlling Bugsy from being excessively hyper and dealing with the client simultaneously.  I have applied a  variety of discipline techniques.  Unfortunately, not even an inch of progress have manifested yet.  At least, he doesn't bark. 

Bold, vibrant and creative are three words I would describe Happy Starchild's owner.  Her handpainted works on fashion garments (shirts and dresses) is the main reason why I regularly drop by Legazpi Park Sunday Market.  I adore and support crafts that are handmade and handpainted.

A bit of info on who Happy Starchild is.

Really excited over my handpainted Jane Austen top.

Amazed and Inspired.  I'll surely make a purchase this weekend for a dear "happy starchild"  friend who is turning 40.  The 40 roll call has officially begun by the way.  Some are in denial, yet some are looking forward.  I fear it, but I look forward at the same time.  But here's what I think of 40...not young to repeat the same crazy mistakes, yet not old to keep building dreams.  I'm sure my happy starchild friend would make 40 Beautiful.

And Before I cap this post, here is the 4th necklace that fall under By Beaded Story's Flora Collection.  Visit Facebook for more details.

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